Commercial & Fleet

At Living H2O we realize how critical it is to be able to deliver our clients a service that meets your expectation and the expectation of the end customer.

Detail teams consist of IDA certified detailers and we perform quality inspections before the vehicles are released back to the client. We pride ourselves on meeting cleanliness and delivery timelines.

Auto Dealers

You are in a highly competitive market, customer expectations as higher than they’ve ever been and online buying has made shopping easier to do and your product must show well in order to help you close deals. We want to show value added to help support your sales efforts by providing predelivery washes, and after sale wash packages for your customers.

Fleet - Commercial

Branded fleet vehicles are moving billboards for your business, they tell your potential customers about how you invest in your business, and most importantly how you will treat them. Put your best foot forward and let your fleet support your business not detract from it.  Contact us to set up a plan that makes cents for your business.

Fleet - Public Service

Your team work hard to do their jobs, the vehicles you provide are one way of demonstrating how you care about them. For your staff the vehicles are their primary workspace. Studies show that entities that invest in providing good workspaces have better morale, reduced turnover, and better productivity. We are happy to work with you to support your team.

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